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We Will Answer Your Divorce Questions

You want stability for your family. You want to know what the future will bring. You do not want surprises.

Unfortunately, when you are facing a divorce or separation, you have more questions than answers. You lose sleep and your mind races as it tries to process questions:

  • Will I get custody of my children?
  • If there is joint child custody, how will we make decisions?
  • How will a divorce affect our family's standard of living?
  • Who gets to keep the house?
  • What is the difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce?
  • How long will the legal process take?

Uncertainty surrounds everything. You need answers from a knowledgeable divorce attorney.

You Will Know What To Expect

At Hampton & McCreary in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, we understand the strain you are under right now. We know how to make the process easier.

We listen to your story. We take the time to understand your goals. We explain your options. We give you realistic expectations. We develop a legal strategy. Then we work diligently in an effort to gain what you deserve in the divorce.

We Will Keep You Informed

Individuals and families in Pottstown and beyond have been recommending Hampton & McCreary for family law issues since we opened our law firm in 1995. We think our ability to communicate in a timely manner is why people recommend us.

As you probably know, the legal system does not move quickly. Divorces are no different, especially if there are disputed issues. You deserve and need to know what is happening with your divorce. At every step in the legal process, we will communicate with you. We will review your options and explain what will happen next.

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If you need a divorce lawyer in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, or the surrounding area, call Hampton & McCreary law firm at 888-428-1373 or contact us online.

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